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Develop your talent and master a new psychology, brings a good income and self-realization, helping other to grow.
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This lessons is for?
  • You really want to get in-depth of psychology and break new ground, to understand yourself, and root causes of problems in all areas of life
You want to gain the competency in modern more effective methods and most importantly - ecological, which never harm a client.
It is important for You to get a demanded online profession with an income of 1,000 US Dollars/monthly
You are a manager or business owner, and want to understand the people, build better relationships to assemble dream teams
This is the largest community of specialists, experts, graduates and newcomers to the helping professions
in 8 years, more than 1 million people have already changed their lives with the help of our programs
35+ practicing teachers
10,000+ graduates
Consulting psychologists and Mind Processing practitioners help people around the world find themselves and become happier
"Our goal — assist the evolution of the consciousness for the feeling of lightness and joy of life
Combining the approaches of the new 21st century psychology and classical psychological education
Founder of the Institute
Anna Matari
Video lessons
  • “Return” of programs and situations - why a rollback occurs after working on a request (your own or a client’s) and how to avoid it
  • “Stuck” sessions (no results) - causes and solutions
  • How not to work “on top” and always identify the root cause of an illness or situation
  • “Vicious circles” of the subconscious and how to “break” them
  • Consultation - 7 effective ways to find the root causes of diseases and situations, detailed development of each using the example of your requests
Video Lesson: The root causes
IDR 300'000
  • Psychosomatic causes of diseases and work with them
  • The body as a tool for accessing the unconscious
  • A detailed study of the psychosomatics of diseases of various organs and systems of the body
  • Features of working with common diseases (cancer, heart attack, stroke, infections and viruses, diseases of the respiratory system and others).
  • Methods of working with the body
  • Creating a life with your body with ease and joy
Video lesson: Heal the body and mind.
IDR 3'000'000
  • 5 principles for building harmonious relationships
  • 3 pillars of relationships
  • Hidden and shadow relationship patterns - who am I really in a relationship with?
  • Loneliness and repeated scenarios of unhappy relationships
  • Definition and interaction of masculine and feminine
  • Archetypal relationships
  • Love triangles, fidelity, betrayal
  • Boundaries in relationships
Video lesson: Harmonious relationships
IDR 1'500'000
  • You can work with the impossible
  • You will be able to change reality through contact with the world
  • Master advanced materialization
Video Lesson: Professional materialization
IDR 7'500'000
What will you get as a result of the program?
Extra income and a new level in money
Harmonious union in relationships
Superhealth, youth and beauty
Self-realization and increased income
This will be a lot of individual work, to take you to the next level
As you go through this journey of personal transformation, you learn how to guide others
Gain the skill of helping other people in a relevant and in-demand profession in which you can realize your potential
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